Indoor Cycling 101

Robert Keating


What is Indoor Cycling 101?

I ride more than a thousand hours indoors a year and I live in Sunny Southern California.  Why?

There is something special about the energy shared when a group cycles together.  Most cycling groups split apart as riders with different abilities separate and join riders with similar abilities.  Race Across America or Ride the LA Bike Tour.  In indoor cycling everyone participates together and shares the experience at their individual level of performance.  The new rider can sit in with the seasoned amateur racer who takes tips from the retired pro as the senior rider regains his youthfulness by sharing with the
new rider.

Many different formats of indoor cycling abound::

  • The aerobics on a bike of some group fitness classes,

  • SPINERVALS - a professionally coached training session for competitive Tri-athletes,

  • Multi-hour charity ride,

  • SPINNING and YOGA recovery session. 

  • etc.

Indoor Cycling 101 is a special two hour heartrate-monitored session I have developed covering endurance base, strength, race, and recovery efforts found in most all indoor cycling sessions.  During and following this session objective and subjective data is recorded to evaluate each individuals abilities in the preceding effort zones.  What is learned from participating in Indoor Cycling 101 can be applied indoors and outdoors to improve exercise performance and understanding of ones own ever changing abilities.

You may have many opportunities to participate in Indoor Cycling 101 and you may return again and again to see how your understanding has improved and abilities changed.  Be on the lookout for an Indoor Cycling 101 class near you.  Many more sessions will likely follow in the coming year.

See you all on the road, or perhaps indoors, next to me, on that trainer, roller, or stationary bike.

By the way, riding a stationary bike is probably the safest way for you photographers to practice taking pictures while pedaling. 












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