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Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest and driest countries in the world. They have a per capita gross national product of $170 per year (vs. US with $30,000 per year).



Many people in Malawi have to walk several hours each day to obtain water for their families.  100 pound women carry up to 20 pounds of water each day. Often the existing water sources are unbelievably dirty -- some just a mud hole where the dirt has to be strained off the water. One might think - "Why don't they move near the water?" The problem is that wells or water sources frequently dry up and people don't have the resources to frequently move. 








Photo of Kurt Dahlin and Bob Brack investigating one of the installed wells




Kurt is currently the pastor of The Breakwater Church in Manhattan Beach CA and is focusing on extending the drilling project to the thousands of other villages in Malawi without water.  Libby Aubrey, CEO of School of Champions, of Rancho Palos Verdes, is joining efforts with Kurt and many other exercise aficionados to sponsor exercise events to raise money to drill more wells.  The goal is to provide a well to every needy village in Malawi.  



FIRST STEP - Spin-a-thon


The first event was a Spin-a-thon that was held at the Pacific Christian Center (PCC) on Pacific Avenue (one block north of Manhattan Beach Blvd.) on Sunday, November 9, 2003 at 1pm-4pm. 


Libby Aubrey, CEO of The School of Champions and Robert Keating, master cyclist, provided 15 spinning bikes for the 3 hour period.  The cyclists rode the spinning bikes for 1/2, 1, 2 or 3 hours).  Helen's Cycle Shop of Manhattan Beach provided health bars and a very expensive helmet to help raise funds. Libby Aubrey also donated cycling clothes for sale at the event.  Joseph Varela donated African art that he had purchased on his last water drilling trip to Africa.


Di Bolton and members of the Oceanside Christian Fellowship ran a popcorn and food stand with sales contributing to the event.  Di's husband, Corey Bolton raised over $1800 in pledges for the event by performing an almost non-stop sprint for a 3 hour period. Tahni Doiron raised $750 for the event, including a very generous donation from Manhattan Village Florist and Gift Shop.  Michelle Hershberger and Max Couce both raised over $400.  Other results will be posted as the pledges come in.


Robert Keating led the spinners with an outstanding compilation of African music.  Conrad Walton's Breakwater Pier Group members sold hotdog dinners to round out the fund raising.  Bob Brack, who recently returned from a 15 year mission in Malawi, and who deserves much of the credit along with Kurt Dahlin for the previous 35+ wells that have been drilled there, wrapped up the event with a prayer of Thanksgiving spoken in the native Malawi language.


The Spin-a-thon included a health fair, with Maria Zemeno  and Tracy Harpert, aerobic instructors from Bally's and Tom Muzila, a nationally recognized martial artist and bodyguard to several movie stars provided information about health trends and future events focused at raising money for the water wells.


The event was organized and managed by Pat Safani, Caryl Sheehan and Maria Couce, who provided yeoman's (yeowoman's?) efforts to setup and orchestrate everything.


All funds collected go directly to the drilling of wells.  There is no charity overhead.  It appears at this time that the even is close to the goal of the necessary $5000 to drill a water well in Malawi.  If you want to make a contribution, call Bob McCauley at 310 921 1955 (or send an email to ).




Below are some photos of the event:


Spin-a-Thon Photos

Click on thumbnail photos below to see expanded view

Michele Hershberger's Introduction to Spinning

Warming Up

This doesn't seem that bad

Actually, it's easy

Or is it?

Hey guys - will the next two hours be easier?

This is not getting easier at 1.5 hours

Hydrating at 2 hours

2.5 hours - is this going to stop?

2.75 hours - How much time left?

Piece of cake!


Alphonso Montes

Alphonso Montes

Alphonso Montes

Back View

Bob Brack

Lucas Couce

Kendrika Dahlin

Corey Bolton

Alphonso Montes, Maria Montes

Jessica Safani

Johnny Tibbils

Johnny Tibbils, Max Couce

Kendrika Dahlin

Alysa Couce


Michele Hershberger, Pat Safani

Robert Keating

Robert Keating


Alphonso Montes


Bill Hodge, Howard Mayeda


Amelia Couce

Amelia Couce

Caryl Sheenan, Maria Montes

Caryl Sheehan, Pat Safani, Lesley Salvidar

Amelia Couce, Johnny Tibbils, Maria Couce

Alysa Couce


Di Bolton & popcorn stand

Sitting on the wall


The riders included:


  • Johnny Blanford

  • Corey Bolton

  • Max Couce

  • Michele Hershberger

  • Warren Hughes

  • Howard Mayeda

  • Alysa Couce

  • Pat Safani    

  • Caryl Sheehan

  • Johnny Tibbils

  • Victoria Walton

  • Luke Couce

  • Bob McCauley

  • Dahni

  • Kendrika Dahlin

  • Danika Dahlin

  • Hannah

  • Linda

  • Marvin

  • Schnnaz

  • Kenna O'Leary

  • Ashley Farasopolis

  • Lelani

  • Victor Leon

  • Ana Hodge



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School Of Champions

Helen's Cycle Shop - 1570 Rosecrans  Manhattan Beach CA (310) 643-9140

Manhattan Village Florist  3292 Sepulveda Blvd Manhattan Beach, CA 90266  (310) 546-5566






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