Spinning to Recovery from a Back Injury

My Observations - Jerry Hill


When I used the indoor stationary bikes, I would start with a resistance of one, then go to 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. stepping up one level of resistance each minute.  When I got to the max, I would stay there for a couple minutes, then step down again.  How long you stay at the top, is determined by how long you work out. 

When I was coming out of my back problem, I started at 15 minutes with a high resistance of 4 or 5, but gradually increased my high resistance point and length of time I stayed there. 

There is no rush - 15 minutes for a week, then 20, then 30 and so forth.  And it is OK to stay at a level for a month, or even back off for a week.  It is also good to alternate hard/easy days during the week.  I always did this in conjunction with a 2 hour workout which included upper body. 

As I got through my problem, to which spinning was no small contributor, I gradually started walking, then intermittently jogging on the treadmill and some outside.  I added swimming, when I could stroke without hurting the back.  Swimming really brought me the rest of the way out of it.  Most people can spin, before they can do anything else, when recovering from a back injury.  This would be dependent on the type injury, of course, but my experience was that spinning saved my life. 











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